Helpful Hints
It's about the Simple Joys!®

Bake up some Simple Joy's® Cookie Dough for Valentine's Day. Here
are some ideas to get you started :)  
These are the Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough.  I baked up a all the
cookie dough in a  small brownie pan.  about 10 x 10.  After they cooled I
cut them out and dusted with Powdered Sugar.  They always look so
pretty and very romantic!

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These are the Simple Joys® Sugar Cookie Dough.  I rolled them out on
a little rice flour and cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Try
to get them all the same thickness so that they all cook at the same rate.  
I iced them with a simple buttercream icing using dairy free margarine
and So Delicious Coconut Milk.  Then I sprinkled them with some
sprinkles.  They were a huge hit and they all got eaten in just a few