InclusiLife, Inc.
* Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Vegan * Kosher
Simple Joy's!®  Cookie Dough
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 Inclusilife Inc. is a unique family owned and operated company providing
Gluten free, dairy free cookie dough.  We have been in business since
2006 and have seen the gluten free market grow.  We are very happy to
be located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, with a tributary of the
Willamette River running right past the front door of our production site.

We love to make our cookie dough and frequently break in to song when
we are doing so!  We also like to dance and break into the Party Rock
Shuffle occasionally.  So if eating our cookie dough makes you happy, it
is probably because we are so happy making our cookie dough.

We began this company because 3 of our family members are on a strict
Gluten free Dairy free diet.  We were struggling with the quality of products
available to us and decided to start our own venture.  With lots of love and
encouragement from our family and friends, Inclusilife was born.  
Inclusilife means:  Included in life.  That is how we want to feel and we
hope you will feel that way too!