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Dear Store Manager,
Grocery Buyer, Frozen         
Foods Manger,

I would like you to consider carrying Simple Joy’s
® Cookie Dough in your Freezer section.  Simple Joy’s Cookie Dough, is
Gluten and Dairy Free, as well as Vegan, Kosher and All Natural.  This means you are covering several niche markets.  The
Gluten free group, the GFCF groups, (Gluten and Dairy free), Vegans and the Jewish Community.  This product is unique in
that it serves all these markets with one fantastic product. Simple Joy’s in these three flavors!

Chocolate Chip 1 lb tub.   Upc  8 98866 00100 8
Sugar Cookie 1 lb tub.  Upc  8 98866 00101 5
Fudge Brownie 1 lb tub. Upc  8 98866 00102 2

To request samples and information please go to www.inclusilife.com and send in your request.  Or call 541-579-1832 and
ask to speak to Marcia Pollard.
Thank you for your consideration,

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