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Scoop and Bake Cookie Dough.
At inclusiLife we know how you feel because we
have asked the same questions. Can you
imagine a life free of gluten and dairy products?
 At first we couldn't.  No more chocolate chip
cookies! (a main food group item in our home!)  
Slowly we began to develop gluten and dairy
free recipes that were better than their original
inspiration.  We knew we couldn't keep these to
ourselves.  InclusiLife, Inc. was born.  Our
products are so tasty they are meant for
everyone to enjoy together.   Most people don't
know what is missing.  They just know they are
amazingly good.  

Our  "Simple Joys®" cookie dough come in three flavors that are fast and easy to bake.  These doughs
are good for pies and cookie cakes as well.  Enjoy the wonderful aroma of homemade cookies that are
delicious and safe to eat. Everyone in the family will want some!  


InclusiLife Inc.
P.O. Box 71952
Eugene, OR 97401
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Gluten Free-Wheat free
Dairy Free- Lactose and Casein Free
Vegan - No Animal product ingredients
Egg Free
Made with All Natural ingredients
No artificial food dyes/flavorings
No preservatives or additives
Trans Fat Free
Mixed in small batches
Each tub makes 16 - 1 ounce cookies
Certified Gluten free by Gluten Free
Certification Organization
Certified Kosher Pareve by Kehilla
Made in our own Dedicated GFCF
Kosher Cookie Dough factory
All of our products are:
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Memories but worth a lot more..... cookie friday's at school, homemade cookies on a rainy day, eating chocolate chip cookie
dough ice cream while watching old movies, christmas cookies, making cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of hearts for
friend's and neighbor's, cookies and milk, cookie monster munch! , cookie treats after the baseball and football games,
giant birthday cookies,  Lunch box cookies....go ahead and make your own memories.  Be Included in life's simple joys.
Be included in life's simple joys.
* Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Vegan * Kosher
Gluten and Dairy Free Cookie Dough
Gluten and Dairy Free Cookie Dough
Certified Gluten Free by GIG